Detect anomalies of cyber objects  

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Keep control of your cyber objects

Difficult to know what's going on with more and more connected IoT. CSL observes the behavior and communications to detect anomalies and prevent unwanted consequences

Based on specific AI algorithm

Detection is based on a model of normal behavior. Building it is error prone, so CSL relies on a specific learning algorithm able to capture the system behavior
User made rules can also be included.

safe deployment

Independant agents listen and observe the system without disturbing it.
They can be managed via a web interface and use an independant network. Alerts can be sent using various protocols.

Industry 4.0

Home IoT

Hazardous Processes

Smart Cities

Smart grid

Remote controlled process

A powerful platform for IoT anomalies supervision ⚡️🚀

  • Can use risk analysis results to elaborate on-line risk indicators
  • Can use generic Machine Learning algorithms and can allow you to test them
  • Implements various industrial protocols
  • A very useful complement for classical IT cybersecurity tools

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